Change a destiny

How do we, at StartEvo, change destinies?
Via 2 main actions that proved their efficiency during the years:

1. Mentorships with VIPs (CEOs, diplomats, entrepreneurs, top lawyers, top doctors, artists, etc)

2. Scholarships for ambition.


1. Mentorships with VIPs.
Each month we bring in the high schools you sponsor at least one VIP that will make a powerful impact on the kids, to make the reconsider their lives, to take the right decisions and to motivate them. We bring as many as possible kids in the biggest room they have (the gym, ceremonies hall, mess hall, library, etc.) and, for 1.5 – 2 hours we try to inspire them.

2. Monthly scholarships for ambition.
Each month for each class we offer 30 euro net for the most ambitious kid in each class. Why? Because AMBITION is the most important ingredient for success. Each month, at least 3 teachers from each group will name the most ambitious people. The one that gets the most points gets the title ” The Ambitious of the Month” plus the money. This social pressure creates great benefits:

  • kids are encouraged to do extra-curricular activities. They understand that it’s up to them to evolve and get social recognition. Speaking a foreign language, doing sports, doing charity, helping their parents to make a living, and so on.
  • number of absences are decreasing dramatically. Same as attention in class and determination to do something useful with their lives.

Please see some pictures here: