Alain Cardon is one of the best coaches in the world, recognized as such by the coaching industry. He’s a Master Coach, at Metasysteme. He was filmed for StartEvo via our friend and volunteer, Mihai Albu.

We filmed him at Marriot, with 30 minutes before Webstock Awards, when we won our 2nd place.:)

Alain Cardon, 63 yo, born in Algeria, raised in Egypt, education in States. I had to pay for my education, i was working in a factory to support my studies at night, while studying during the day.

I’m travelling in France, Germany, Spain, North Africa and Romania

I am an international certified coach.

How do i succeed? My success has never been a goal. I’ve always been focused on my work, and to do it well.

Alain Cardon: At some point people will say WOW, u are one of the best in the world

Everybody has a lot of potential, based on the background.

I grew without a father and my mother married several times. My whole life was going from one thing to another thing.

Looking back, my life has coherency. I have a passion for what i do.

Feeling useful gives me energy to continue doing.

How to success is forget about succeeded. Earning money is not an objective. Doing something right is the objective.

Alain Cardon: Humans have HUGE potential. We never reach our limits. This is a question: are u at the top of their potential? What is the gas pedal there?

Is not an objective to become the best in the world. Is a constant exploration that takes u there.

Is good to stay humble. Say compare with what i can do. What’s the limit?

Alain Cardon: Just do your passion completely.

That’s why i consider that is not work. Is a passion. Is this work? No?


Is good to respect TIME. But not to be lazy. Divorce, failure – strong experiences helps u mature. It does not happen overnight.

After a strong experience, you need time to regroup.

Hurry up slowly. Don’t waste time.

We all got the same time in life. Use it well. 🙂
alain cardon

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