Peter Byrnes @StartEvo – “Don’t listen to negative talk!”

Peter Byrnes @StartEvo – he is owner and co founder Lugh Studio Inc, Brooklyn New-York (branding agency).

“I was born in Manhattan, but I lived in rural world, in mountains in Pennsylvania.
I love foreign languages.
I studied overseas. I studied in Sweden (it’s a very human culture).
It’s very difficult when u never leave your environment to find out who is really you.
I went to Penn State, for Foreign Services International Politics.

After decades, I realized that my life is about communication.

Graphic design is about communication, about translation. I’m translating your message to other persons.

Localization brought by internet brings more authenticity. If you are authentic, people trust you, they follow you.

I’m a slow adapter of Internet.

I started from nothing. I love Olympic skaters on ice. They face a huge pressure, they fell on ice, they get up immediately and they skate again.

If you don’t have a goal, a vision, a belief, you’re going to have more of what you have.

When the crisis came, i decided to turn off the TV, 2 years ago.

The last thing i need to hear is how worse it’s going to get. I still hear it, i’m not an ignorant.

My trick is “Don’t listen negative talk”. Don’t complain. Move on.

Get offthe ice and start skating again!peter byrnes