We’re searching for RO-CULTURA partner from Norway


We, at StartEvo Association, we’re going to apply for ROCULTURA grants project https://www.ro-cultura.ro/en and out project I believe would be a great fit with your objective (if you’re into culture and education for kids).

My question is if you want to become a partner in this project.  

So, here are several details:  

Name: Kidibot Time Travel

– kids 6-18 yo, their parents, their teachers, from Romania, Norway, Island, Lichtenstein, especially from small/medium towns

Duration – 1 year

Mechanic –   The Crocobets are some nasty aliens that want to conquer Earth via stupidity and laziness. Only the children can save the planet, by proving they read and learn, they learn about culture and they create new cultural places/objects/events. The Kidibot spies discovered that the Crocobets built a time machine, to go back in time and determine all the artists, sculptures, book authors, builders to NOT create their masterpieces. This way, the planet would be more poorer. So, the kids organize some cultural commandoes to go back in time, to restore the future line, by proving they know a lot of things about local/national/international culture. Kids will be organized in teams (school classes) and in international alliances.   There are mainly 3 things that they must do: 1. To prove they know culture, by answer quizzes after Norwegian/Islandese/Romanian/… fairy tales, books, monuments, music, history, …. Each quiz has 10 questions, 4 variants, only one correct 2. To identify in their proximity things with cultural value. Like farms buildings, sculptures, places of interest and so on. These will be posted on an international map, so everybody can see them and to encourage tourism in these areas. Also, the local authorities will be notified, so they can further enhance the tourism presence in these points. The more picturesque, the better 🙂 3. To create by teams new cultural items (like sculptures from PETs, from wood, cultural events in various locations, like your farms, and so on)   All their activities will be internationally recognized, success celebrated, so the kids will benefit of potential destiny changing, plus the local community will benefit of extra touristic attraction. 🙂  

– We already have Kidibot platform, we’ll need to add some extra module for this – we won so far 14 different prizes in the past 2 years, including from European Commission 

https://www.kidibot.ro/premii-castigate-de-kidibot-la-diverse-concursuri/ (sorry, Romanian only)

– kids from 27% of Romanian schools are already on the platform – kidibot.com is also available for USA

– huge positive feedback from parents and teachers   We don’t need any money from you, just a local partner. And your profile seems OK to us. Please let us know ASAP if you’re interested in becoming a part in this project  

Thank you